Boondocks Workshop

A little bit about Aria & Aaron of Boondocks Workshop….

A husband and wife team exploring the world of art, photography, and sharing our adventures in giving some much needed love to a neglected, outdated builder-grade house. Aaron is a professional photographer, woodworker, as well as a musician and lyricist for over 23 years. I (Aria) am a miniaturist, painter, woodworker, and photographer. Hitting the hay early and rising well before the sun every morning, we work together as a team, both in designing, crafting, photographing and packaging everything in our shop. We work hard, and take great pride in every single piece we create. We’re honored that others choose to display our work in their homes.

And a little bit more….

I began offering my artwork on ebay in 2004. In four years, I had painted and sold over 300 works of art. I then moved my art to the site Etsy in 2008; Aaron soon followed suit, opening a photography print shop on Etsy in 2011. We have remodeled three homes and built one tiny house on wheels before purchasing our current home, which we are likewise remodeling. We live out in the countryside in a very small farming community, surrounded by hay fields. Ever since that first remodel so many years ago, if there is a piece of furniture or décor item we could build or craft ourselves instead of buying factory-made, we would. Thinking that others might want the same artisan crafted quality for their own homes, we decided to start offering our rustic home décor pieces online. Thank you for taking the time to read this story of us.